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Question from a Reader

Question from a Reader

Bonnie from Tampa Florida writes us:


I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the 
service provided by Austin and Cody. They are personable, 
trustworthy, hard working young men. I appreciated their commitment
 to solving our rat problem. Angelo was a superb salesman.
 He exuded a confidence and knowledge about wildlife removal.
 He represented you company well and was true to how word.
 I was going to check withseveral Raccoon Removal companies before I made a
 decision but his easy manner and assurance that y'all could
 do and would do a good job sold me. He, Cody and Austin wer
e always quick to get back to us. Even the young woman on the
 phone who sets the appointments was so polite yet very personable.
 I will highly recommend your company to anyone in need. 
If you hire such good people and keep them so devoted you are
 sure to continue in your growth. I wish you a huge success and 
thank you for what you did for our family.


Thank you for your kind words Bonnie. I try to always invest in my employees and set them up for success.

I am glad that we were able to help you. If you ever need anything else please feel free to contact us!

Who Me? Naw boo you got the wrong Cubano!

Who Me? Naw boo you got the wrong Cubano!



So there I was just minding my own Buizziness, when low and behold a little man by the name of Kenny Boo Walked up to Me? He was like, Girl I know you be stealing and wearing my Size Shoe 6 Boots! But I was like, you best be tripping. I would neva be caught dead in those little shoes. Boo you know i live a crazy thug animal control and wildlife removal job! I have to be Prepared becuase You kno dem Animals be Dangery! And Kengay was like, um Are Raccoons Dangerous??!


I slapped that fat little Steak N Shake Eatin Biotch right in the mouth! Gurl I work for Animal Control Tampa!

Image result for centurian wildlife controlImage result for centurian wildlife control

You See Dez Pics here KenGay, Does this look safe, NAW FOO I be a Bad Azz Animal Control Centurain WIldlife Rep Gansta for Life what UP Represent the 321!

Lunch Anyone?

Lunch Anyone?

Image result for Rat Infested Lunch


Many eaters probably need to prevent parts that are insect, rodent feces or fly eggs in their own meal. But granting the Drug and Food Administration, that’s simply difficult.

If you’re a potato that is slightly misshapen, or thinking of defect as something such as a brown spot on a piece of fruit — think again.

The handbook lays out the maximum degree of contaminants that are allowable for over 100 food things— from allspice — before the thing is known as contaminated and should not be consumed. These little critters might be introduced before, during or following the food was picked, as well as during packaging and its processing.

For example, in entire ginger, the FDA allows up to three milligrams or more of mammalian excreta (i.e. mouse poop) per pound. In peanut butter, the agency enables an average of fewer than 30 insect fragments per 100 grams—about a quarter of your average jar. And you believed you were buying smooth, not extra chunky.

So just why are these things allowed?

However, the truth is the fact that although consumers may worry, most food on the shelves features amounts that are significantly below what’s permitted because firms have their own security inspection units, based on food safety specialist Benjamin Chapman.

“Food flaws are not things that cause people to get ill,” Chapman told LiveScience. Chemicals like pesticides, metals or disease-causing organisms, including Salmonella or E. coli are the actual contaminants.

Take a look at a couple things that are more unusual you’re likely snacking on these seemingly harmless foods that are everyday.

1. Fly eggs or maggots in tomato juice.

Tomato juice may taste better at 30,000 feet but you that can. may think twice before splitting The FDA allows for up to 10 Drosophila (fruit) fly eggs, or one maggot per 100 grams.

2. Insects crawling in Brussel sprouts.

The agency allows for an average of up to 30 aphids (also known plant lice) and or thrips (miniature winged pests) per 100 grams.

3. Spice up your spices.

For every 50 grams cinnamon and 25 grams of ground paprika, the FDA enables 10 rodent hairs up. And in cinnamon, up to 400 insect fragments are allowed per 50 g sample.

4. Mould could be almost anywhere.

Low rates of mold are allowed in most fruits and vegetables– fresh and canned — in addition to butters and jams. In cranberry sauce, the common mold count can be up to 14 percent per sample.

5. Cigarette butts or sticks?

Yes, the FDA does explicitly detail an allowable percentage of cigarette butts in food. One would hope that may be avoidable. Also contains the valueless portions of the raw plant material, such as stalks.” Spices like mace and pepper are also allowed to get trace elements of those things.

6. Rat Droppings are pretty common.

A term that is highly scientific is used by the FDA — “Mammalian excreta”– to describe almost any rodent fecal matter. Anything you call, it is common in food that is modern.

It can be seen in spices like fennel, sage, thyme and oregano seeds. And up to 9 mg per pound, touch numbers, could be found in cocoa beans.

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Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise


Image result for angels and money

Angels are high net-worth individuals who invest in high growth companies, or within a syndicate, by themselves. Along with cash, Business Angels generally make expertise their particular abilities as well as contacts offered to the organization. It’s been immortalised from the program The Dragons Den where individuals pitch for also added Dragons expertise and cash.

Angels seldom possess a relation to the business although they invest but frequently have expertise of sector or its own business. Thus, the obligation of Business Angels is generally quite powerful.

Many Angels make investments for fiscal motives.

Angels are an important but under-utilised source of cash for growing and brand new companies. Some Angels invest more often.

Is also up for possibly years., but in fact a lot of people invest from approximately £10,000 in any one business, yet some Angels invest substantially more wondering are raccoons dangerous and although it’s presumed which you must be quite rich to be an Angel Investor So, most Angel investors invest in multiple business to provide a spread of chances to diversify risk and will have a portfolio strategy.

Angels regularly invest within a group called a syndicate, organised through among many Angel Networks or private contacts.

Along with investing cash, Business Angels may also bring precious know how, contacts and expertise to the companies by which they invest. Investments are created across most industry sectors and phases of company development, but particularly in growth and early -stage businesses. Most choose to spend money on businesses within 100 miles of where they reside or work although investors in technology firms have a tendency to be ready to go longer distances.

What is The Negative – It means that they’re sometimes not accessible when you need or desire them with Angels having numerous investments. Angels could additionally seem joyful, fantastic folks but some of these take on an alternate persona, once they have been in a business. They may well not be quite as joyful and will often say the wrong thing making you feel unloved and embarrassed. Additionally an Angel in a few situations become as well as could need a considerable share allotment. The same may not be seen by an Angel as you when you might be dismissive indicating they’ve seen everything before and describe it.

Getting outside investment is a risk but together with a bit of connection and business plan and also the correct mindset they may also be extremely valuable but it’s worth contemplating everything from many different angles before giving substantial share allotments away just as your Angel seems.


You can read more here:—You-Choose!&id=9499327

Not your Pizza

Not your Pizza

raccoon eating


Then and now, with protecting their their home through raccoon holding which might be too near for comfort, owners of properties have to deal. These animals create destruction in landscapes as well as outside places and therefore are respected for exterminating seedlings, vegetables, blossom gardens as well as more information. Keeping a keen recognition of the life-style in managing them all, as well as someone may be helped by the normal behaviours substantially. Be heedful as soon as you’re done conflict with one of these annoying critters since they’re a well known service supplier of rabies. You’ll encounter several types including raccoon hindrance, of raccoons that are rejecting. Nevertheless, one typically applied a stay crate capture is being established by strategy.

Using a stay raccoon catch is supported on accounts that raccoons must be managed humanely in a few places. In areas that are in several, there may be strict rules concerning the catch related to additional insects as well as raccoons. Being an example, in the event, in Ontario you got didn’t kill it humanely, a raccoon at the same time as, you’ll be driven by ordinances to get back it one space from the place where it was got by you within twenty four hrs. You are given information on the most effective approach to look after raccoon elimination by simply about all states. Should you be choosing the snare that is live, there might make sure things to re-search: YOu must understand what do raccoons make use of and consume the proper bait in the traps to get them!

Crate building – Without exterminating them, stay raccoon traps are created to catch insects. Typically, using an accessible net of cable as well as metal frame work creates these traps. The obstacles that were greatest are developed to give you a streamlined plastic uppers starting to control the mammal that was particular from avoiding. This kind of number of snare allows finished you get to be viewed by you and additionally re-lease any erroneously caught creature.

Fast and simple to place as well as re-lease – The mistake that is most effective regularly is quite user-friendly afford them the ability for a straightforward placing as well as release using just one-hand as well as. In the idea of start of the pet, the individual using the snare is safer plus a whole lot mo Re safe contemplating that a palm policeman is possessed by a quality error with a galvanized metal difficulty which which will keep an individual from your raccoon. Considering the fact that it is simple to place, the person can single handedly launch this bug toward the hideous whilst positioned behind usually the snare. If you need help with what bait to use and what do raccoons eat you can do some research, I prefer marshmellows!

Challenging along with rust intolerance – Purchase remain snares which were revealed to be resistant and tough to tarnish given that they’re going to provide you a lot better bargain, left over long-lasting all through functioning nicely for you to get quite a while and changing environment states. A supreme quality capture is generally painful and sensitive because it’s constructed with springtime entrances to place apart. This feature additionally, decreases the hazard of getting a bad kind of creature and ensures a risk-free and fast catch. Make an effort to get snares which might be developed with inside areas that are glossy due to the fact the invasion that is got is protected by these folks from harms.

In conclusion, make certain which you try out an entirely new crate raccoon snare that is stay use to make sure that it’s completely operational and it’s nicely set consistent with all the producer’s directions. Set the bait that was right in order to find the place about the environment of the snare at which raccoon will certainly to discover this. It should be exterior of the places where animals and people vacation. The circumstance of the snare near normal water resources may definitely bring a much better outcome considering the fact that that raccoons will always be proven to spend time near to water up.


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Animal Control

Animal Control

When there are intruders in the form of animal pests in your house, it can be a little discomforting. Looking for animal trapping services might be as important as calling the police if you find a burglary incident at home. This kind of job is no little task, and it should not be attempted by homeowners themselves when they don’t have the requisite abilities and experience with creatures.

The situation may be taken probably if they are little animals, however, in the case of wild animals, it is going to become threatening and harmful especially if they decide to choose a private place their home. After they have established themselves and have discovered a place to stay in your home, it will turn out to be seemingly difficult to relocate or even remove them and may even lead them to assault you.

Each year, the demise of a lot of cats, canines, and other pets have been for this provocative attacks of wildlife. It is known that in most 10 cases, eight from them are born away from predators that find themselves in about your property or your home.

Additionally, some children have similarly been victims of these outrageous attacks. One bad part of these attacks is that these types of wild animals such as raccoons, bats, chipmunks, and squirrels — are likely to have rabies. Rabies is a dangerous virus which spreads to pets as well as humans as a result of animal attacks or scratches. If it is unwatched to and not treated inside 3 – 4 weeks, it may lead to the death of the impacted pet of human. For this reason, additional info is important to call for animal capturing services as soon as you notice that you will find intruders in your home.

A lot of people fail to do this and feel that the actual intruder will move on or perhaps relocate to another place the moment his food runs away, or he is tired of remaining in a single location. Other people tend to be reluctant because they feel that the particular trap these people use may not only capture the burglar, but it might kill this. Both of these beliefs are unproven and are not based on details. The truth is, any of them that makes a decision to stay at your home and also finds everything it needs to remain comfortable is not likely to keep anytime soon.

Apart from that, these kinds of experts design their tiger traps in a way that it will not lead to poisoning or severe injury whenever any of the animals is caught. When you discover wild animals close to your home, calling for animal trapper entangling services early enough is essential because it will save you a lot of unexpected problems. Just Call Centurian Wildlife

Raccoon Stole My Sandwich

Raccoon Stole My Sandwich

I was sitting in the park minding my own business. I was eating my Italian Sub from Publix, they are the best, when I heard a faint Laughing sound. I did not think much of it, I then went back to reading my newspaper. Then I heard it again, it was indeed raccoon sounds. They were laughing at me. But I did not know why, then I looked down on the bench and the bugger stole my SANDWICH!!!Raccoon Laugh