Who Me? Naw boo you got the wrong Cubano!

Who Me? Naw boo you got the wrong Cubano!



So there I was just minding my own Buizziness, when low and behold a little man by the name of Kenny Boo Walked up to Me? He was like, Girl I know you be stealing and wearing my Size Shoe 6 Boots! But I was like, you best be tripping. I would neva be caught dead in those little shoes. Boo you know i live a crazy thug animal control and wildlife removal job! I have to be Prepared becuase You kno dem Animals be Dangery! And Kengay was like, um Are Raccoons Dangerous??!


I slapped that fat little Steak N Shake Eatin Biotch right in the mouth! Gurl I work for Animal Control Tampa!

Image result for centurian wildlife controlImage result for centurian wildlife control

You See Dez Pics here KenGay, Does this look safe, NAW FOO I be a Bad Azz Animal Control Centurain WIldlife Rep Gansta for Life what UP Represent the 321!

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