Pregnancy Craving 101

Pregnancy Craving 101

Cravings are feelings that cause you to desire food which women either do not eat under normal conditions. In a survey conducted recently, expectant moms usually crave “something sweet” such as an ice cream (40 percent). Coming in second is the salty bites (33%). They also go for hot foods (17%) and lastly, that the lip-puckering sour foods such as tarts and citrus fruits (10 %).

While no scientific explanations could be given, some reasons provided by physicians include:

-strong hormonal changes;

– deficiency of nutrients;

– a subconscious or conscious response to emotion;

– meals with special meaning, faith, and cultural reasons;

– maybe nutritionally based

On the other hand, food aversion is the opposite of cravings. These would be the most hated foods from the expectant mother. Reports say that red meat is the most usual aversion of could be moms.

Expectant mothers need all the nutrients in the right amount to stay healthy and also to help their infants growing and developing normally. Cravings may help prospective mothers achieve it by desiring nutritious food over those with excessive calories that they occasionally fill their bodies . Most pregnant women have a powerful yearning for chocolates which stimulates the release of “feel good” brain chemicals in the body.
Moods may even for only a brief time period.

Pros break down the food cravings of girls into trimesters during the pregnancy:

First Trimester – a strong bitter flavor; this may be a sign of the body that warns the expectant mother of the existence of high toxic substances in plants and fruits.

Second and Third Trimesters – a craving for sour tasting foods like pickles; The urges for sweet and sour foods make fruits a favorite craving for pregnant ladies.

As the pregnancy progresses – a heightened preference for salty foods like potato chips

Unusual cravings are called the “pica” phenomenon. These are cravings for inedible substances such as dirt, chalk, laundry powder and coal, etc..

Pica is reported to be a indication of an underlying physical or mental illness. If you have a craving like this, resist it and award yourself with an ice cream, then a bar of chocolate, or a bit of cake. Remind yourself that the craving will pass and not to worry about it. You will not give in since this would mean psychological problems for your kid, diminished hearing and very low motor skills development.

Healthier Options

While pregnant, there is no harm in giving into food urges but, simply don’t make it a habit that will endanger you and your child.Food, Hash Browns, Tasty

Here are some wholesome fixes that you can substitute your sinful cravings together:

Ice cream – choose to get a nice cold fruit smoothie, non-fat frozen yogurt, sherbet/sorbet, or popsicle;

Potato chips – low-fat or baked chips, pretzels or light microwave popcorn;

Chocolate – have just a few squares, chocolate milk, fat-free hot ginger, or make some trial combination with a small handful of chocolate chips, dried nuts and fruits; also,

Suggestions to control your cravings:

Cravings shed their intensity while the pregnancy grows. However, here are some ways to help you manage your meals yearnings:

1. Eat breakfast everyday to lessen the intensity of your cravings.

2. Understand your cravings to help find much healthier substitutes for your food urges. Attempt to take some time breaking down your cravings: What are you yearning for: something chilly, creamy, smooth, and sweet? This is going to help you in discovering more nutritional substitutes.

3. Keep a food journal and review whether you’re eating a balanced diet or not.

4. Work out to help you curb hunger.

5. Have a great deal of emotional support from family members.

6. Think small in terms of the total amount of intake.

7. Always seek advice from your physician.

While pregnant, bear in mind that this is no time for dieting however a time to experiment with foods and keep eating as fun as it should be. Have assortment in your meals, balance your diet nicely, and make eating fun, not weird.

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